Amd catalyst control center windows 10 download 64 bit.


Amd catalyst control center windows 10 download 64 bit





Amd catalyst control center windows 10 download 64 bit.


Microsoft will improve vertical and sleeping tabs in the Edge browser
29.03.2021 [08:30],
Vladimir Fetisov

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser has gained popularity since its launch early last year and is currently one of the leaders in this indicator. This was helped by the fact that developers regularly add new features to the browser, as well as improve existing ones. This time, the changes will affect the vertical and «sleeping» tabs, making them easier to use.

Along with one of the recent updates to Edge, the browser has support for vertical tabs. With its help, users can arrange open tabs in the form of a vertical list, which is quite convenient when using widescreen monitors. The browser also has a special button that allows you to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical tabbed layout options.

In a future update, Edge will be able to resize the vertical tab bar with the mouse cursor. At this stage, this feature is experimental, but it can already be tested in test builds of the browser. In addition, in beta versions of Edge, it was possible to hide the title bar when using the vertical tab bar.

Edge 89 introduces Sleep Tabs to Reduce RAM Usage. After that, open and not used for a long time tabs began to be put into «sleep mode». If you hover over such a faded tab, you can see a notification that «the tab is sleeping». If you click on it, the page will reload without losing data. Now, in the beta version of Edge, an option has appeared that allows you to turn off the animation of «sleeping» tabs without disabling the function itself.

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