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Amcap download windows 10





Amcap download windows 10.


Taiwanese video card makers have promised a shortage by the end of the year and price increases
31.03.2021 [16:32],
Alexey Razin

The last day of the calendar quarter brought sad, but expected news — Taiwanese video card manufacturers see no reason to improve the situation with product availability by the end of this year, and they will find reasons for another price increase in the next quarter.

Image source: Gigabyte Technology

At least, the site DigiTimes reports about this with reference to sources familiar with the plans of Asustek Computer. The company has already increased prices for its video cards by 10-20% in the first quarter and intends to raise prices further in the second quarter. Retail prices for video cards are rising every week, and manufacturers have to increase costs for the purchase of scarce components and pay more for shipping products, as the logistics sector continues to fever.

In this situation, there is good news for manufacturers — attempts by retail chains to limit the purchase of video cards by miners led to the fact that the motherboards and memory kits that came with the kit also sold well. MSI officials expect the company to break its first-quarter revenue record, and the second quarter will show financial performance that is not typical of this season. Gigabyte is also counting on the growth of net profit in the first two quarters of the year.

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