Amazon kindle download for pc windows 10.


Amazon kindle download for pc windows 10





Amazon kindle download for pc windows 10.


Intel Introduces Affordable SSD 670p Series — Up to 2TB QLC and Up to 3500MB / s
01.03.2021 [22:21],
Nikolay Khizhnyak

Intel Introduces SSD 670p Series NVMe Consumer Drives in M ​​Form Factor.2-2280 for PCI-Express 3 interface.0 x4. New items are positioned as solutions for the mass user and are presented in volumes of 512 GB, 1 and 2 TB.

The Intel SSD 670p series uses 144-layer 3D QLC NAND flash chips and an 8-channel Silicon Motion SM2265G controller, paired with 256MB of DDR3L cache.

One and two terabyte models offer sequential read speeds up to 3500 MB / s. In the junior model with 512 GB, this figure is declared at the level of 3000 MB / s. Sequential write speed also varies from model to model. For the youngest, it is up to 1600 MB / s, for the 1 TB model — up to 2500 MB / s, and for the 2 TB version — up to 2700 MB / s.

All new products offer significantly increased reliability in comparison with previous solutions based on 3D NAND QLC memory chips. For the younger version, it is 185 TBW (guaranteed recording volume in terabytes), for the 1 TB model — up to 370 TBW, and for the older 2 TB version — up to 740 TBW.

The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty for new items. The manufacturer estimated the model of NVMe-drive Intel SSD 670p with a volume of 512 GB at $ 89. 1TB and 2TB variants received $ 154 and $ 329, respectively.

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