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Apple to be fined in South Korea for obstructing antitrust investigation
31.03.2021 [23:49],
Vladimir Mironenko

After the settlement of antitrust charges in South Korea, the local division of Apple will still be fined $ 265,000 for allegedly obstructing the investigation, writes The Korea Herald.

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) says Apple has taken steps to thwart its office raid in 2021. Apple reportedly blocked internet access and refused to provide relevant documentation.

The Korea Herald, without going into details, also reported that an unnamed top manager of Apple Korea physically tried to interfere with the investigation in 20021. In this regard, the KFTC intends, in addition to the fine, to transfer the case against Apple and this employee to the prosecutor’s office in connection with obstruction of the investigation.

“We are fully committed to KFTC and neither Apple nor any of our employees have done anything reprehensible,” Apple said in a statement to The Korea Herald. — We comply with the law wherever we work and strongly disagree with the KFTC on this matter. We look forward to sharing the facts with the authorities. «.

The investigation related to Apple’s allegations that it passed on the costs of warranty service and for television advertising to local operators. South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission ultimately agreed that Apple would pay compensation without pleading guilty.

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