Akruti download for windows 10.


Akruti download for windows 10





Akruti download for windows 10.


Deliver Us The Moon Sci-Fi Adventure Coming To Next Generation Consoles
thirty.03.2021 [09:15],
Dmitry Rud

Publishing house Wired Productions, as part of the first broadcast of the Wired Direct format, announced the imminent expansion of the list of target platforms for the sci-fi adventure Deliver Us The Moon from KeokeN Interactive.

As it became known, by the end of this year (more exact date is not called) Deliver Us The Moon will go on sale for the current generation consoles — Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Wired Productions and KeokeN Interactive also confirmed that owners of Deliver Us The Moon on PS4 and Xbox One will be allowed to update their game to the version for current consoles for free.

On current-gen consoles, Deliver Us The Moon will be able to offer ray-traced shadows and reflections, improved audio, and significantly faster downloads.

In a posting on its official website, Wired Productions also added that the PC version of Deliver Us The Moon (at least for Steam) will also receive «all important updates». Which ones, it is not specified.

Deliver Us The Moon was released in October 2021 on PC (Steam, GOG, Utomik), and in April 2021 reached PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version was also in the plans, but it was canceled.

We will remind, Deliver Us The Moon offers to take on the role of the last earthly astronaut, who needs to explore an abandoned colony on the Moon and find out what happened.

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