Akruti 7.0 free full download for windows 10.


Akruti 7.0 free full download for windows 10





Akruti 7.0 free full download for windows 10.


Fresh content update for The Falconeer will make you feel like a pirate
thirty.03.2021 [09:22],
Dmitry Rud

As part of the Wired Direct broadcast, Wired Productions announced the release of the Atun’s Folly content update for The Falconeer, an independent developer Tomas Sala.

Atun’s Folly adds a mini-campaign to The Falconeer, in which the game offers to become a dashing pirate for a while: destroy merchant ships, rob and attack fortresses.

The pirates in the world The Falconeer have their own settlement — it is called Atun’s Folly and is located on a huge turtle. You can view the location from a bird’s eye view in the announcement trailer for the content update.

The ultimate goal of the new storyline mini-campaign The Falconeer is to defeat the legendary aces (the local equivalent of sheriffs) pursuing pirates and return to civilized society.

With the release of Atun’s Folly, an activity was also found for those who dislike pirates and do not want to join their ranks — a special mission to attack the previously mentioned pirate settlement.

Among other things, the update adds a pirate level system to the game (analogous to the wanted indicator from the Grand Theft Auto series), as well as two types of weapons (they are available in the Atun’s Folly location).

The Falconeer was released in November 2021 on PC (Steam, GOG), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. In February 2021, the project received the paid add-on The Hunter, which brought with it a new class («Hunter of Mongres») and a mountable dragon-Ormir.

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