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An insider on the next Battlefield: the surroundings of the near future, the «revolutionary campaign» and the role of Russia
thirty.03.2021 [14:34],
Nazar Steporuk

Trusted Insider Tom Henderson Reveals New Details on Next Battlefield. Referring to his own sources, he spoke about the entourage, the single player campaign, the role of Russia in the game’s universe, the upcoming announcement of the project, and much more.

According to the informant, the new part of the franchise is simply called Battlefield. Its events unfold in the near future — around the 2030s. This will allow developers to implement in the game weapons that currently exist only in the form of prototypes.

In addition, the project will be marked by a «revolutionary campaign» compared to previous Battlefield. Users will become members of a special unit and will be able to decide which state to support — the United States or Russia. In the universe of the game, they are assigned the role of superpowers. The choice depends on the mercenaries that users can take to their team, and their skills.

Battlefield v

There will be larger maps in multiplayer, and at some point the next Battlefield will get a battle royale. This mode will allow you to choose one of four character classes with their own unique abilities.

As for the full-fledged announcement of the project, it can upset individual players. According to Tom Henderson, the first trailer will not show gameplay and multiplayer. The presentation will be similar to the debut show of Battlefield V.

Recall that Tom Henderson has previously repeatedly shared reliable information about Call of Duty and Battlefield before the official announcements.

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