Age of empires 4 download full version for windows 10.


Age of empires 4 download full version for windows 10





Age of empires 4 download full version for windows 10.


Sberbank’s subsidiary bought a stake in the Movika interactive video platform
02.04.2021 [18:55],
Vladimir Mironenko

This week, March 30, Digital Assets LLC (a subsidiary of Sber) became the owner of 58% of the authorized capital of Interactive Video Technologies LLC, which owns the Movika video service. According to a representative of Sber, who confirmed to RBC the completion of the first stage of the transaction, in the near future the share of his subsidiary will be increased to 80%. / Instagram

Movika platform allows you to create interactive videos. With its help, you can make a video with a changeable storyline, where the choice of the ending lies with the viewer. The feed with recommendations for new videos or those made by the user’s friends is similar to the feed of the social network TikTok. The platform is available on both iOS and Android.

According to the representative of Sber, the investments made by the bank in the Movika service will be directed to the development of technologies for creating interactive video, as well as to the development of the company. In turn, Movika’s technologies will be applied in various services and products of the Sberra ecosystem.

Sber is also the owner of one of the leaders of the Russian online cinema market Okko, which in 2021 had a 13.6% share of the total revenue of video services in Russia, which amounted to 38.9 billion rubles.

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