Age of empires 3 download windows 10.


Age of empires 3 download windows 10





Age of empires 3 download windows 10.


Super mario bros. became the most expensive game ever sold
02.04.2021 [22:31],
Maxim Shevchenko

The adventures of the legendary plumber Mario and his brother Luigi have long been a legend in the interactive entertainment industry. Sealed copy of the original Super Mario Bros. went under the hammer for a whopping $ 660 thousand., making it the most expensive game in history. For comparison: in 2021, another copy of the game was sold «only» for $ 156 thousand.

Auctioned copy of Super Mario Bros. for NES (better known in our area under the name Dendy) was released back in 1985. Heritage Auctions declares this Super Mario Bros. is the oldest known auction house. In addition to the fact that the cartridge is sealed in the original packaging, its cost was increased by the fourth version of the game recorded on it, which was released for a very short time (according to some estimates, no more than a year).

It is worth noting that, despite its venerable age, Super Mario Bros. interesting to play now. Due to its immense popularity, the game has been ported to most existing platforms, so in order to plunge into nostalgia, it is not at all necessary to give $ 660 thousand.

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