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Geely intends to attack Tesla with a new luxury brand of electric vehicles
nineteen.03.2021 [07:09],
Alexey Razin

The advent of electric vehicles has prompted many automakers to consider changes in market strategy, with Tesla’s example often becoming a reference point. It is not uncommon for Chinese companies to create new brands to promote their electric vehicles, trying to isolate them from the main business. Geely will offer Zeekr electric vehicles to compete with Tesla.

Image source: Polestar

Chinese company Geely fully controls Swedish Volvo Cars and owns 9.7% of Daimler AG, which produces Mercedes-Benz cars. If earlier the Swedes produced «charged» versions of their cars in the Polestar series, the new owners of the brand considered it necessary to turn Polestar into an independent brand for the implementation of the most prestigious and high-speed electric vehicles.

The Zeekr brand should also be located in the premium segment; Geely’s subsidiary Lingling Technologies will be engaged in its promotion, according to Reuters, citing informed sources. Innovations will be offered in the area of ​​market strategy. Geely expects to directly sell Zeekr electric vehicles, excluding dealers from the chain. Showrooms will be opened in large cities of China, the pricing policy will be the same for all regions of the country. To increase the loyalty of the owners of Zeekr brand electric vehicles, they will be offered branded clothing and accessories; those who wish can become shareholders of Lingling Technologies, in order to facilitate dialogue with the management. Owners of Zeekr electric vehicles will have their own club of interests.

Geely’s activity suggests the company wants to become an influential player in the electric vehicle market. It already has partnerships with Foxconn, Baidu and Faraday Future for EV contract manufacturing, with Tencent for software development. It has its own open platform SEA for the creation of electric vehicles, which should be used by Volvo, Smart and Lotus. In the field of traction battery production, the company cooperates with the Korean LG Energy Solution.

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