Afp viewer windows 10 download.


Afp viewer windows 10 download




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Afp viewer windows 10 download.

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Elon Musk showed a huge prototype of the super heavy accelerator Super Heavy
nineteen.03.2021 [10:59],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

SpaceX has assembled the first Super Heavy stage of its Starship super-heavy launch vehicle in a hangar, effectively building the BN1 (Booster Number 1) prototype of the largest rocket booster ever built. This was announced by Elon Musk on his Twitter.

Jack beyer

There is still a lot of work to be done in welding the two main halves (liquid oxygen tank and methane tank) together, connecting the pre-installed piping and avionics. But these tasks are largely secondary — we can already talk about the BN1 design as a single steel tower. It consists of 36 rings, which are also used to assemble the Starship. The first Super Heavy BN1 prototype will have a height of about 67 meters from the top to the end of the nozzles of the Raptor engines, which will be installed shortly.

Jack beyer

Thus, the BN1 is only 3 meters lower than the two-stage Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy — and this is the second and third highest operating missiles to date. But it should be remembered that Super Heavy is just an accelerator, and, according to SpaceX, the entire rocket will have a height of at least 120 m (Starship and Super Heavy spacecraft together). This will make the car the tallest (and probably the heaviest) launch vehicle ever.

It is noteworthy that Super Heavy BN1 does not even externally reflect the final accelerator, which will participate in the first attempt at an orbital launch of Starship. SpaceX, for example, refused to install any landing legs on the BN1. Elon Musk expressed a desire to completely avoid the need for such supports and capture super-heavy boosters (and, possibly, even Starship ships) using a ground tower with special giant manipulators. But it is highly doubtful that such a complex mechanism will be ready for full-scale testing of the BN1 this year.

Jack beyer

SpaceX hopes to be able to launch Starship orbital launches as early as July 2021. The first attempt will reportedly feature a Super Heavy BN3 accelerator prototype and a Starship SN20 ship. The BN1 is expected to stay on the ground, serving as a bench for the first pressure tests and other proof tests, including burn-in engines.

Starship canopy to the left of BN1 canopy (NASASpaceflight | bocachicagal)

If all goes according to plan, SpaceX will attempt at least one low jump with BN2 along with other tests. The number of Raptor engines will gradually increase until it reaches the design number of 28 units. The BN1 seems to be using just 4 motors.

SpaceX installs the lower section of the BN1 on a dedicated table (NASASpaceflight | bocachicagal)

It’s unclear when Super Heavy will go to the launch pad for tests, but it’s safe to say that it will happen after the Starship SN11 launch at 10 km — SpaceX hopes this time to do without explosions during or after landing. Elon Musk recently announced that the SN11 prototype is almost ready for launch.

Jack beyer

Recall: according to Elon Musk, many changes were made to SN11 in order to correct the shortcomings identified during previous tests. He explained that the SN10 prototype exploded after landing because the engines ran out of power as a result of helium leaking from the fuel tank. On March 3, SpaceX launched its Starship SN10 spacecraft to an altitude of 10 kilometers and managed to land the car, although the rocket exploded a few minutes after landing. The mission followed two other Starship launches, SN9 and SN8, to the same altitude — the prototypes managed to take off and perform the required maneuvers, but they crashed on landing. Here’s the official snapshot of the highlights from the latest SN10 launch:

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