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Rogue Magic Noita Gets Latest Major Content Update
02.04.2021 [11:17],
Dmitry Rud

The independent Finnish studio Nolla Games has announced on its microblog the release of the latest major update for its magical physics-based roguelike Noita.

Epilogue (as the patch is called) has become the sixteenth in a row and, according to the developers, one of the largest in terms of content patch for the project.

In total, Epilogue has 319 changes of various kinds: at the same time, some of the innovations presented on the Steam page (for example, the list of added secrets) were hidden — the authors do not want to spoil the surprise.

In addition to secrets, Epilogue brought with it new achievements (Steam, GOG), balance and interface adjustments, more than 30 spells, a dozen perks, a dozen common enemies, two mini-bosses and four hidden locations.

Finally, the patch fixes more than 60 bugs, adds additional features when integrating Noita streams, as well as new options and documentation for mod creators.

“While this is the last major update for Noita, it won’t be the end of everything. We will continue to monitor the bugs and will try to fix them, ”the developers of the fans reassured.

Noita is available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and Epilogue launches 25% off all digital stores. The promotion will last until April 6 of this year.

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