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4X Strategy Developers Humankind Explain The Power Of Diplomacy In New Video Diary
02.04.2021 [13:55],
Yulia Pozdnyakova

Amplitude Studio Presents 11th Humankind Strategy Video Diary. It was dedicated to a diplomatic system that opens up «endless possibilities» for building relationships with other empires.

Users will be able to bribe, offer, threaten and demand. All actions are tied to physical space (contracts relate to certain territories), and the game reacts «quickly and directly», not allowing you to think again.

According to the authors, the most important role of diplomacy is to create stories that users will share with each other. You can build a peaceful trading empire that avoids any wars, or keep all neighbors at bay by aggressively reacting to their provocations.

In peacetime, players will be able to offer other parties treaties, which they have the right to reject or accept. You can also conclude an alliance (Alliance) — it includes all the advantages of a simple treaty, but at the same time allies can put forward further proposals. If an ally enters the war, he can ask for help. In case of refusal, he will have a reason to break the union.

Another type of interaction is grievances. They can be charged for unacceptable behavior, demanding compensation (transfer of border territories, cash payments, change of laws and religion). Refusal to fulfill requirements (Demands) — a reason for declaring war or dissolution of the alliance. You can also opt out of claims for the sake of maintaining the relationship.

Another aspect of diplomacy is undermining the opponent’s morale (Morale). This parameter is associated with the support of the population and is extremely important for the conduct of war. Over time, it falls due to the fatigue of citizens from the conflict. This process is accelerated by victories against enemy troops, the capture of his cities, shelling and looting. With zero morale, the side can be forced to surrender.

The willingness to enter into alliances and fight with each other determines a special parameter of the proximity of ideologies (Ideological Proximity). It will be easier for two civilizations with similar ideologies to negotiate, and they will not be able to fight for a long time. Empires with incompatible ideologies find it easier to declare war on each other, and more difficult to enter into alliances.

In the tenth episode, the authors talked about the art of war. In the creation of the combat system, the developers used developments from their Endless Legend strategy. Players will be allowed to fully control what is happening, controlling the actions of all units and applying their abilities. In Humankind, you can reconstruct historical battles — the accuracy of the movements and appearance of the fighters is paid special attention. The scale of battles will gradually grow — up to large battles with the support of artillery and naval battles.

Humankind was slated for release on April 22, but last week Sega announced it would be postponed. Now slated for release on August 17, 2021. Additional time will be spent on finalizing various components, including diplomacy.

The game will be released on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Google Stadia. Text translation into Russian declared.

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