Advanced mass sender 4.3 free download for windows 10.


Advanced mass sender 4.3 free download for windows 10





Advanced mass sender 4.3 free download for windows 10.


Microsoft has postponed the full reopening of its offices until September at least
05.04.2021 [13:26],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Microsoft has joined tech companies to postpone the release of quarantine measures from their offices until the end of 2021, although the COVID-19 situation is getting easier. The corporation has reportedly postponed the full reopening of its offices from a scheduled July date of at least September 7.

(Xinhua | Qin Lang | Getty Images)

The move, according to the spokesman, comes from active consultations with health experts and data analysis. In an email to employees, Executive Vice President Kurt DelBene said the delay would provide additional flexibility to employees who are already making plans for the summer. He added that local office leaders were empowered to initiate additional delays in lifting quarantine measures if the coronavirus situation in their area raises concerns.

Currently, the software giant is in a phase of gradual opening of offices: a limited number of employees can return to full-time work. As of March, about 20% of Microsoft employees from 21 countries have already returned to offices, including headquarters in Redmond and Seattle.

New delay is further evidence of uncertainty around COVID-19. Vaccination is rapidly gaining traction and should make full-time office work safer. However, it is not clear if enough people will be vaccinated by July, and the rise in rapidly spreading variants of the virus is complicating matters. Be that as it may, Microsoft has already announced that it is going to allow the majority of employees, if they wish, to work from home up to half of the working time after the opening of the offices.

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