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Advanced ip scanner free download for windows 10 64 bit.


Tesla has published a video of a test drive of the Semi truck
fifteen.03.2021 [05:48],
Alexey Razin

Elon Musk recently stated that the main obstacle to the start of mass production of Semi long-haul tractors is the lack of sufficient 4680 battery cells. Tesla released a video of a test drive on a test track this week, prompting hope for progress in preparation for series production.

Image source: Electrek

The video on Twitter is not full of details, it lasts only seventeen seconds, and allows you to see how the prototype of the Tesla Semi tractor, under the measured hum of electric motors, rushes along the test track near the production site of the brand’s electric vehicles. Until now, such cars flashed on rare photos only in a state of transportation on cargo platforms, they did not move independently. At least when it comes to prototypes of the last generation, which received an updated appearance.

The production of traction batteries of standard size 4680 has been established at an enterprise in California, therefore the existence of a workable copy of the Tesla Semi inspires hope for the company’s success in the production of batteries of a new type. Tesla originally planned to launch the Semi into mass production in 2021, but gradually the timeline shifted to the end of 2021 and 2021. Elon Musk recently announced that individual customers will start receiving Tesla Semi trucks this year. The company will use trucks for its own logistics operations.

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