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Kia revealed the appearance of the upcoming EV6 electric car
fifteen.03.2021 [10:01],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Following several teaser images last week, Kia gave the public the first opportunity to fully appreciate the exterior of its new EV6 electric vehicle. Full details of EV6 will only be announced at an online event later this month, but new images at least show what it looks like.

The EV6 has a sporty, crossover look and is the first car to use Kia’s new design philosophy, which the company calls «Opposites Unified.». It includes at least five so-called pillars: «Courage for Nature», «Joy for Reason», «Power for Progress», «Technology for Life» and «Tension for Peace of Mind».

Kia Chief Designer Karim Habib explains the philosophy in this video: “The EV6, as Kia’s first dedicated electric car, is a showcase of human-centered, progressive design and electrified power. We firmly believe that the EV6 is a compelling and relevant model for the emerging EV market, Mr Habib said in a statement. “With the EV6, we aimed to create a distinctive, impressive design by combining sophisticated, high-tech features with clean and rich volumes, while providing a unique space for a futuristic electric vehicle.”.

Kia describes the EV6 as its first dedicated electric vehicle, as the Niro comes in a hybrid version alongside an all-electric version. The EV6 is built around parent company Hyundai’s new E-GMP platform and is the second E-GMP vehicle to be announced. Hyundai unveiled its own Ioniq 5 last month.

For more detailed technical information, you will have to wait for the full announcement of EV6. Kia hasn’t announced a date for the event yet, but says it will take place in March, so it won’t be long.

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