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Microsoft has a global outage — users of Teams, Office 365 and other services affected
sixteen.03.2021 [00:45],
Arthur Khamzin

Microsoft Teams corporate service has a massive failure. Users around the world complain about the inability to connect to the service and a number of other problems. This is reported on Twitter.


According to the Downdetector service, the crash started at about 21:58 Moscow time. Within an hour, the platform registered more than 26 thousand complaints around the world. The exact cause of the problems of the general public is not yet known.

The failure affected not only Microsoft Teams, but also a number of other company services, including Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. The company suggested that this may be due to the update of the authentication system and began to rollback the service to the previous version. Later, the developers said that they had identified the exact cause of the problems, but did not name it. They promised to return the service to working condition within an hour.

Microsoft Teams is an enterprise workflow platform. In it, you can create general chats, make work calls, share work documents and much more. The platform is also popular with educational institutions for organizing distance learning. As noted by The Verge, the popularity of the service has greatly increased during the pandemic. Its audience today is about 115 million people.

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