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Arctic announces sales of MX-5 thermal paste
sixteen.03.2021 [02:49],
Nikolay Khizhnyak

Swiss company Arctic Cooling announced the start of sales of a new thermal paste MX-5. The novelty is supplied in cardboard packaging in compact syringes with a dosage of 2 to 50 grams. Arctic MX-5 does not contain metals or other electrically conductive materials, and therefore is completely safe for computer equipment.

Arctic MX-5 is a high performance carbon thermal grease suitable for use with any CPU cooler. The thermal interface has a low viscosity and is therefore easy to apply.

The manufacturer does not indicate the heat-conducting properties of the MX-5 thermal paste, but reports a low level of resistance of the novelty when transferring heat. In addition, the density of the thermal paste is indicated, which is 3.2 g / cm³. Arctic MX-5 operating temperature range is -40 to 180 degrees Celsius. The company gives an 8-year warranty for the new product.

The recommended price for Arctic MX-5 is 7.5 € for a 2 g syringe, € 9.5 for 4 g, € 12.5 for 8 g, € 22 for 20 g, and € 37 for 50 g. The package of delivery of thermal paste with a volume of up to 8 g may include a plastic spatula for more convenient distribution of the thermal interface. In this case, you should add about 1 euro to the price.

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