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Adobe xd download for windows 10 64 bit free.


Video: retrofuturistic surroundings and the fate of the Digital Kingdom on the line in the Narita Boy release trailer
thirty.03.2021 [21:07],
Dmitry Rud

Team17 Publishing and Development Studio Koba have announced the release of a new trailer for their retrofuturistic action platformer Narita Boy to mark the release of the game on all target platforms.

Narita Boy goes on sale today, March 30, 2021 for PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game was added to the library of the Xbox Game Pass service (consoles and PC).

Narita Boy is already available in their respective digital stores:

  • Steam, GOG — 799 rubles;
  • PlayStation Store — 1,789 rubles (1,610 rubles for PS Plus subscribers);
  • Microsoft Store — $ 25;
  • Nintendo eShop — 1875 rubles.

Narita Boy takes place in the Digital Kingdom, enclosed within the popular console of its time, Narita One. Gamers will get the role of Narita Boy — the protagonist of the game of the same name and the savior of the virtual world.

The journalists of Narita Boy have already appreciated and delivered their verdict to the debut project of Studio Koba: on Metacritic, the retrofuturistic action has from 68 to 75%, depending on the platform.

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