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Adobe reader new version for windows 10 free download.


The player found a way to pause Outriders, but only on NVIDIA video cards
05.04.2021 [08:26],
Dmitry Rud

Reddit user Aced-Bread shared with the community the recent discovery of an undocumented feature of the co-op shooter Outriders that will appeal to the owners of NVIDIA graphics cards.

Being focused on online, Outriders requires a connection to the servers even in single player mode, and therefore the game cannot be paused. At least that’s what the developers expected.

As Aced-Bread found out, there is still a way to stop what is happening in Outriders, but it is available only to users of NVIDIA Ansel technology, which received official support in the project.

To call NVIDIA Ansel, while in Outriders, simultaneously press Alt and F2. In addition to pause the game, the tool offers the ability to create and edit screenshots.

Judging by the first reviews, the discovery of Aced-Bread is working properly: users in the comments vying with each other thank the enthusiast for the opportunity to be distracted from playing by small children and cats without fear.

The developers from People Can Fly have not yet commented on the situation, but it seems that we are talking about a bug or, at least, a side effect of using NVIDIA Ansel.

Outriders is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Google Stadia. The game started successfully (in particular, in the digital service Valve), but still has problems with servers.

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