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Adobe reader full download for windows 10





Adobe reader full download for windows 10.


Sony experiments with active suspension and active noise cancellation for cars
06.04.2021 [10:00],
Alexey Razin

In December 2021, Sony began road tests of its Vision-S electric vehicle, which was created in collaboration with the Austrian Magna in a single copy to improve proprietary sensor systems. A Sony spokesman explained that the prototype is used, among other things, to test systems that directly affect the comfort of movement in the car.

Image source: Sony

Izumi Kawanishi, who is responsible for the direction of robotics and artificial intelligence systems at the corporation, shared his thoughts on the development trends of Sony’s core business in an interview with Nikkei Asian Review. Sony remains reluctant to build EVs on its own, but explains that the emergence of contract manufacturers like Foxconn in this segment makes it much easier for young companies to go to market.

Improving its touch systems is a priority for Sony. In addition to cameras, she is also developing a lidar that allows you to recognize obstacles at a decent distance in any weather. The Japanese company does not yet seek to invade those market segments where there are enough competitors with rich experience. Accordingly, this is why the electric motor was chosen as the power plant for the Vision-S prototype, and not the internal combustion engine. The Japanese corporation is not yet ready to take on the development of software and components involved in decision-making while driving. In the first case, it relies on the NVIDIA software environment, and in the second, it cooperates with the Hungarian company AImotive.

On the other hand, Sony is ready to pay close attention to the comfort and entertainment of the passengers of the future «robotic vehicles». The integration of the PlayStation Plus service into the on-board entertainment system and a wealth of experience in creating acoustic systems will help her in this. Using microphones and speakers, Sony can equip vehicles with Active Noise Cancellation. Cameras can monitor the condition of the road surface and send control commands to the active suspension elements. Even the power plant will be tuned in such a way as to exclude sudden acceleration and deceleration, in which passengers will be rocked. And all this is done so that they can calmly watch movies, play or work on the way, without the risk of facing the symptoms of seasickness.

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