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US automakers demand help from authorities to eliminate semiconductor shortages
06.04.2021 [10:15],
Alexey Razin

The American auto industry, due to its concentration in the countries of North America, suffered the most from the semiconductor crisis, because problems with logistics were added to the limited production capacity. Now local market participants want the authorities to oblige local component manufacturers to allocate some of their capacity for the needs of the automotive industry.

Image source: Reuters

According to Reuters, representatives of the automotive industry have asked the US authorities to guarantee funding for the production of semiconductor components in the country in amounts sufficient to ensure an uninterrupted supply of local auto industries. The current crisis, according to industry representatives, will reduce the volume of car production in the United States by 1.28 million units at the end of the year, and production disruptions may continue for another six months.

President Biden recently announced a proposal for up to $ 50 billion to fund the construction of semiconductor factories in the United States. Automakers are now claiming a certain portion of these funds. In their opinion, they should be purposefully directed to the production of automotive components used in the production of cars in the country. American companies such as Ford and GM have joined Toyota Motor, Volkswagen AG and Hyundai Motor in this appeal.

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