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Watercolor action movie World of Demons had to be rebuilt from scratch to release in Apple Arcade
06.04.2021 [14:39],
Dmitry Rud

Platinum Games CEO Atsushi Inaba and producer Koji Tanaka spoke to IGN about the development process for the watercolor action movie World of Demons, released last week in Apple Arcade.

Recall that World of Demons was announced in April 20221. Since then, the basics of the game — the visual style, fighting against samurai demons in the main role — have not disappeared, while other elements have been redesigned.

“We have the opportunity to release a game for Apple Arcade. Instead of making a few small changes for the new platform, we decided to rebuild [World of Demons] from scratch, ”said Inaba.

One of the main changes was the rejection of microtransactions (Apple Arcade does not allow them), around which the original version of World of Demons was built. This decision, according to the developers, was good for the game.

Commented at Platinum Games and World of Demons’ status as an Apple Arcade exclusive. The ability to focus on one system allowed the studio to better unleash the project’s potential, Tanaka says.

The World of Demons development team has grown from 40 to 60 people during its creation. It was especially difficult for the team to implement support for macOS and Apple TV, as well as work out control (touch and using a controller).

Recall that in early 2021, Platinum Games received a contribution from Tencent, which intends to develop and release several mobile games in China based on the studio’s intellectual property.

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