Adobe reader download for windows 10 32 bit.


Adobe reader download for windows 10 32 bit





Adobe reader download for windows 10 32 bit.


The number of products in the register of Russian software has exceeded 10 thousand
06.04.2021 [16:44],
Andrey Krupin

The number of software solutions in the register of Russian software has exceeded the significant mark of 10 thousand product names. This is evidenced by the readings of the counter installed on the website of the register of domestic software.

The software register has been maintained by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation since 2021 and contains information about the products of Russian developers, which allows solving a wide variety of tasks. The registry contains operating systems, office applications, search tools, analytics and data protection, various utilities, server and connecting software, development, testing and debugging environments, enterprise management tools, and other solutions.

According to the Russian Ministry of Digital Science, more than 500 applications from software developers are submitted to the register every month.

As a reminder, from January 1, 2021 in Russia there are provisions of the legislation on the use of Russian software and a ban on the purchase of foreign software in the presence of Russian counterparts that meet the requirements of state and municipal customers. Domestic are those software products, information about which is entered in the corresponding register. Decisions on inclusion and exclusion from the register are made by the Ministry of Digital Science of Russia on the basis of the conclusions of an expert council consisting of representatives of government customers and the Russian IT industry.

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