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TikTok finally gets automatic subtitling support
06.04.2021 [16:50],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Popular video app TikTok has taken a big step towards becoming more accessible. An auto caption feature has been added to make it easier for video creators to add subtitles.

Until now, TikTok users who wanted to make their videos more accessible had to manually type subtitles, which could be time-consuming. But with auto captions, TikTok can automatically create subtitles for videos. After that, the author gets the opportunity to fine-tune and edit the text if necessary to make adjustments, and viewers have the opportunity to turn off subtitles.

This functionality can make the application much more convenient for deaf or hard of hearing people, as well as for anyone who likes to scroll the tape in silent mode. However, each video author will decide for himself whether to include subtitles or not, so it may take some more time until this feature becomes widespread. TikTok says it’s trying to get everyone to use it.

Unfortunately, there is no support for the Russian language yet. Automatic signatures are currently only available in English and Japanese, although the company promises to add more in the coming months.

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