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The Lightbringer, a story-based puzzle platformer announced for Switch and PC
06.04.2021 [17:54],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Zordix and Rock Square Thunder have announced The Lightbringer, a story-based adventure platformer for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, without specifying a release date.

The Lightbringer is described as a platformer with poetic mood, adventure, puzzles and simple combat elements. The action takes place in a beautiful world, captured by disgusting corruption. The main character, guided by the spirit of his sister, must find her and win where she could not.

The world is surrounded by harmful corruption, aimed at the ancient monoliths, which gave strength and light to these lands. As the Chosen One, the hero is able to harness pure light energy from the air to help purify the monoliths to bring back their light.

From a practical point of view, this means that you need to explore, jump and fight on levels, collecting light specks of dust, the required amount of which will allow you to clear the next monolith. The mechanics of various levels are based on a rotating camera: in order to find solutions to overcome obstacles, you often need to look at things from different angles.

The developers say The Lightbringer draws inspiration from old-school Zelda games and is designed to inspire the desire to explore every nook and cranny. However, dark dungeons are full of dangers: traps, secrets and vile slime are everywhere.

The story on behalf of the sister goes entirely in poetic form in English. Localizations promised, but only in the form of subtitles. Unfortunately, the Russian language is not declared on the Steam page.

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