Adobe reader 9 download for windows 10.


Adobe reader 9 download for windows 10





Adobe reader 9 download for windows 10.


Samsung has come up with a foldable book tablet with a flexible display
07.04.2021 [19:12],
Maxim Shevchenko

Samsung is one of the leaders in the mobile device market, so it is not surprising that it has an extensive patent portfolio that is constantly growing. Another patent indicates Samsung is developing a foldable tablet computer with a flexible screen.

A patent describing the features of the device was issued to the Korean tech giant on February 16 this year. In the described design, the first thing that catches your eye is the symmetrical cutouts in the screen. Their purpose has not yet been revealed. Apparently, the display will fold inward like a book. It is noteworthy that the device is devoid of cameras on the rear panel and an external screen, which greatly distinguishes it from the company’s foldable smartphones. On the side faces, in the area of ​​the hinges, there will be a speaker grill and a power button on one side and a second speaker grill and a USB-C port on the opposite.

It’s no surprise that Samsung is interested in a similar product. The company has released a number of foldable smartphones that have become quite successful for their niche. Samsung’s flexible tablet, if released, is speculated to debut as part of the flagship Galaxy Tab S series.

At the same time, it is quite possible that the described product will forever remain just a patent. Still, given Samsung’s success in flexible displays, it’s hard to believe that the company will leave the foldable tablet niche behind.

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