Adobe reader 9.0 free download for windows 10.


Adobe reader 9.0 free download for windows 10





Adobe reader 9.0 free download for windows 10.


Apple Launches Tracking Transparency in Applications. It allows you to prevent the collection of data by applications in iOS
06.04.2021 [22:55],
Maxim Shevchenko

Apparently, Apple quietly began rolling out the «Tracking Transparency in Applications» feature. Recall that it allows the user to prevent applications from collecting information about his actions on the Internet and other personal data.

New feature reported to work on iPhone XR running iOS 14.four.2, that is, the update is apparently deployed on the server side and does not require an operating system update. Users with other Apple devices noted that iPhone 7 and iPad 20221 (same OS version), iPhone X and iPhone 11 still have not received the new privacy feature. It’s hard to say when «Tracking Transparency in Applications» will be available to all users.

Recall that a serious hype has formed around the innovation, largely due to Facebook. The social media giant harshly criticized Apple’s new privacy policy, saying the ban on in-app data collection would seriously hit its ad business and targeted ad entrepreneurs.

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