Adobe reader 11 download windows 10 64 bit.


Adobe reader 11 download windows 10 64 bit





Adobe reader 11 download windows 10 64 bit.


Apple Invents Retractable Legs For MacBook Pro To Improve Cooling
25.03.2021 [20:18],
Maxim Shevchenko

Many laptop users are familiar with various stands that can improve cooling or typing comfort by changing the keyboard angle. Apple’s new development will certainly delight fans of such accessories.

A new patent application from the company describes retractable legs for MacBooks that will allow the rear of a laptop to be raised. The legs can be extended by 3.8 millimeters, which will greatly improve the access of fresh air to the bottom cover of the device. Drawings in the patent application show the mechanism by which the legs extend automatically when the display is opened. It also provides the ability to open them manually.

In addition, the patent application considers not only the option with retractable legs, but also the possibility of implementing a retractable unit with ventilation grilles on the bottom cover. When you open it, the processor frequency can be automatically increased due to the additional flow of cool air, which is necessary for effective cooling. An additional advantage of a retractable leg design or a unit with ventilation grills may be the ability to open the top cover to a larger angle.

Note that the described features currently exist only as a patent, and there is no guarantee that Apple will implement any of the described mechanisms in the final product.

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