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Artificial intelligence trained to control a group of F-16 combat fighters in aerial combat
23.03.2021 [19:58],
Gennady Detinich

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) ACE program has successfully passed the next stage of testing. At this stage, two AIs on two F-16 fighters in a group conducted a virtual air battle with a third AI on the same fighter. Also, combat tests at distances out of line of sight were successfully tested and the algorithms for the use of weapons were tested. AI will be tested on training aircraft in aerial combat by the end of the year.

Image source: DARPA

In August last year, under the DARPA ACE (Air Combat Evolution) program, artificial intelligence — a combination of machine learning and neural networks — was tested in virtual one-on-one battles with the same AI and even with a live operator. «Superhuman» intelligence turned out to be more agile than a living pilot and won the virtual battle.

New tests tested the work of AI in a battle group of two fighters against one and proved the effectiveness of the developed algorithms. According to the ACE program, the algorithm will also be tested in a two-on-two battle, which will happen later. Probably in the future, this will allow the AI ​​to scale up to groups of more aircraft.

More interesting can be considered the news of the transfer of AI tests to the plane of real flights. For this purpose, the AI ​​will be integrated into the control systems of the Czechoslovak combat training aircraft L-39 «Albatross». This is also an intermediate stage of testing before installing AI on real combat aircraft. And this stage will begin before the end of this year.

Combat trainer aircraft L-29 «Albatross», which will be controlled by AI in simulating close air combat

By the way, today the AI ​​already controls the Albatrosses, but through the command system to the living pilot. Commands are broadcast on the display and the pilot maneuvers. In the course of such interaction, not only AI is studied, but also the pilot’s reactions to working in tandem with neural networks. This is also the subject of study of the ACE program — how a person reacts to AI and how much he can interact with it. In the end, this «iron blockhead» will cover you in battle and the human reaction to work in tandem with AI also needs to be studied.

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