Adobe premiere free download for windows 10.


Adobe premiere free download for windows 10





Adobe premiere free download for windows 10.


Serious Sam 2 surprised with a major update 15 years after the release: new weapons, maps and more
24.03.2021 [11:37],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Created by Team Croteam, the first-person shooter series Serious Sam turns 20 this week (Serious Sam: The First Encounter was released on March 21, 2021). On this occasion, the developers surprised fans with a major free update 2.90 for Serious Sam 2 on PC. More than 15 years have passed since the debut of this insane action movie.

The update for Serious Sam 2 aims to improve the original environment with new features and improvements. For example, players are encouraged to try out the new BeamGun weapon (modeled after the Ghost Buster from the original developer plans). In addition, fans received 12 previously unreleased multiplayer maps, including Yodeller, Hole, Stadium and Desert Temple.

There is also a new radar that highlights targets, enemies, and NPCs; Sam got a number of new abilities that allow him to run, rocket jump and simultaneously use two barrels for all available weapons; Added Enemy Multiplier Control (Legion System) for single player and co-op; modderrs gained access to the flamethrower.

The full list of changes, fixes and performance improvements is much wider — you can find it on the page on Steam. Those who want to shake off the old can now buy the game with an 81% discount, for only 29 ₽ (the rest of the games in the series also have big discounts in honor of the anniversary).

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