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China launches mass production of DDR5 RAM modules
thirty.03.2021 [14:13],
Nikolay Khizhnyak

Several leading RAM manufacturers have already introduced the first DDR5 RAM modules, but none of them have yet announced the start of mass production of the new memory standard. According to the resource MyDrivers, Chinese manufacturers of RAM modules decided to take advantage of this situation.

Shenzhen Jiahe Jinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the fourth largest Chinese supplier of RAM modules, announced that the first batches of Micron memory chips have arrived at its factories for the production of DDR5 memory modules. Thus, we can state that the mass production of the new standard RAM has finally begun.

Shenzhen Jiahe Jinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd owns brands of RAM such as Guangwei and Asgard. The latter recently introduced the first DDR5 memory modules, which will be offered in volumes up to 128 GB and with a frequency of 4800 MHz.

Compared to DDR4, the new RAM standard will consume less power, offer higher capacities, higher standard frequencies, and will also receive onboard power controllers for higher overclocking.

Intel is about to begin the transition to the new RAM standard with the release of 12th Gen Core processors, codenamed Alder Lake-S. These processors should appear at the end of this year. To use them, you will need a new LGA1700 processor socket. Moving to DDR5 will take time, so Intel’s new 600-series motherboard chipsets will support both the current DDR4 standard and the new DDR5.

AMD is also planning a transition to a new RAM standard. It is very likely that this will happen with the announcement of a new platform with a processor socket AM5, which will be presented with processors based on the Zen 4 architecture. However, the manufacturer has not yet talked about when it plans to introduce the next generation of Ryzen processors.

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