Adobe photoshop cs3 free download full version for windows 10.


Adobe photoshop cs3 free download full version for windows 10





Adobe photoshop cs3 free download full version for windows 10.


Popular cooler Noctua NH-U12A will support future Intel Alder Lake processors in LGA 1700 package
09.04.2021 [21:36],
Nikolay Khizhnyak

Austrian high-end air cooler manufacturer Noctua has confirmed via Twitter that one of its most popular coolers, the NH-U12A, will receive support for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-S processor series. For this, the manufacturer will release a special set of mounts.

A Twitter user asked if the company plans to make the NH-U12A compatible with the upcoming Intel LGA 1700 platform for 12th Gen Core (Alder Lake-S) processors. The representative of the company replied that this information is under a nondisclosure agreement, so he cannot tell much. However, he added that Noctua is already working on the necessary mounting kit to upgrade the cooler.

Future Intel Alder Lake Processors Will Be Different From Current Generation Chip Sizes. If the width of the new processors remains the same (37.5 mm), then the height will increase to 45 mm. 7.5mm difference could render many modern cooling systems incompatible with new processors. To support new platforms with existing CO models, their manufacturers, as a rule, produce special adapter kits, often distributing them to their customers for free or for a small amount.

Cooler Noctua NH-U12A is already compatible with Intel LGA 2066 processor socket for HEDT platforms. The dimensions of these processors are even larger than the size of future Alder Lake chips and are 52.5 × 45 mm. Thus, all cooling systems compatible with current Intel HEDT platforms should theoretically be compatible with the new LGA 1700 platform.

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