Adobe photoshop cc download for windows 10.


Adobe photoshop cc download for windows 10





Adobe photoshop cc download for windows 10.


False alarm: Zoom is ready to sell services to the Russian public sector directly
08.04.2021 [03:26],
Vladimir Mironenko

Zoom Video Communications commented on the messages that appeared about its refusal to provide online conference services to government agencies and state-owned companies in Russia and the CIS countries. As it turns out, the company is currently developing an approach to work in this region, but this will not hinder its further cooperation with private and public clients.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, a Zoom representative said that the service will continue to serve customers in the Russian market and in the CIS. “We are in the process of developing our approach to the market. Meanwhile, new and existing users in both the public and private sectors can request the purchase of Zoom accounts through our website directly, ”the agency’s source said.

As for media reports about the restriction of sales of the service to Russian state institutions, the company suggested that this information appeared in the media due to a partner agency. Zoom promised to conduct a verification in connection with the dissemination of this data and then publish its findings.

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