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Adobe photoshop 7 download windows 10





Adobe photoshop 7 download windows 10.


Google releases powerful AI document scanner for Android
thirty.03.2021 [21:44],
Maxim Shevchenko

Google Area 120, the search giant’s internal incubator for experimental projects, today released a new app called Stack. The Android program is built on the technology behind the powerful corporate tool DocAI and is designed to scan documents.

Google says the new product significantly outperforms similar applications with the ability to automatically classify documents and stack them into virtual stacks, and full-text search by content, not just by titles.

Stack team leader Cristopher Pedregal joined Google a couple of years ago when the search giant acquired its startup Socratic, which uses Google’s computer vision and language recognition for educational purposes. Following the acquisition, Pedregal and colleague Matthew Cowan joined Google Area 120 to develop what eventually became Stack.

Among the capabilities of the new application, it is worth noting the ability to protect confidential documents, thanks to the use of biometric user authentication. Another useful feature is the ability to automatically create fields for filling in scanned documents.

At this stage, the application was released only in the hope that over time it will gain popularity. Google does not yet have a specific business model to distribute it. Stack developers emphasize that this is just the beginning, because the application may not work exactly as users expect and make mistakes.

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