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China’s Big Island 7nm GPU ‘Nearly Ready’ for Mass Production
02.04.2021 [19:54],
Nikolay Khizhnyak

Chinese company Shanghai Tianshu Zhixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Tianshu Zhixin) said Wednesday that it is close to «mass-producing and selling» its own Big Island GPUs for use in data centers. The chips are built on the basis of a 7nm process technology.

The latter fact became known back in January, when Tianshu Zhixin announced that the Big Island General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (BI) (GPGPU) is based on a 7nm manufacturing process and uses 2 packaging.5D CoWoS. Recently, the company confirmed that the Taiwanese company TSMC is engaged in the production of chips.

The Chinese company once again recalled what to expect from products based on Big Island chips. The image below shows the peak performance level in calculations with numbers of different formats.

According to Tianshu Zhixin, Big Island will be able to provide «almost twice the level of performance compared to similar solutions from the world’s largest manufacturers.». At the same time, the Chinese development has a lower energy consumption level and at the same time is ready to offer a more attractive price-to-performance ratio. The Chinese company said in a statement that «progress in product development and its potential for commercial use is 1-2 years ahead of domestic counterparts.».

Tianshu Zhixin Shares Images of First Big Island GPU-Powered Products.

The company did not provide information on the exact date of the start of sales, as well as on prices for products based on Big Island.

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