Adobe media encoder cc 2017 download windows 10.


Adobe media encoder cc 2017 download windows 10





Adobe media encoder cc 2017 download windows 10.


The launch trailer for the second chapter of the magical battle royale Spellbreak
10.04.2021 [12:11],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Spellbreak by Proletariat was launched last September 3. Fantasy Battle Royale attracted over 2 million players in 5 days. Now it’s time for the second chapter «The Rift», the release of which is accompanied by a story clip on the engine with a small cut of the gameplay at the end.

In the «Rift», battle mages are invited to take part in a new confrontation between the Order of the Vow Breakers and their enemies — the Keepers of the Vows. Action fans can also compete in new ranked leagues.

The game has a new mode «Domination», where two teams of 5 people are invited to capture and control territories. The developers have released a separate video dedicated exclusively to the gameplay in this mode:

Players will also be able to complete new story missions that will help them find out what led to the Rift in the Empty Lands and understand how to end it. The rift fuels Spellstorm, giving it strength. Previously, the developers released a hand-drawn plot video dedicated to the new chapter:

Spellbreak is a shareware model and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Out of almost 7 thousand reviews on Steam, 84% are positive.

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