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Epic’s Antitrust Case Against Apple In Australia Suspended For 3 Months
10.04.2021 [19:28],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Australian judge ruled that Epic’s lawsuit against Apple in Australia will be temporarily suspended as both parties prepare for US litigation. Apple asked to freeze the proceedings in Australia indefinitely, arguing that the cases in the United States and Australia are very similar and that the matter should be settled in the primary jurisdiction of the United States.

The two companies have engaged in a battle over the Fortnite Battle Royale lockdown and the fees Apple charges on all sales on its app store. In August, Epic created its own in-game payment system, bypassing Apple’s App Store and offering in-game purchases to players without the 30% fee that Apple retains.

Almost Immediately Apple Removed Fortnite From Its iOS App Store For Rule Violation. Epic responded with a lawsuit, seeking to break the Apple App Store monopoly, and attempted to rally Fortnite fans with a protest video that played on Apple’s iconic 1984 ad.

Since then, Epic Games has also filed lawsuits in the UK and Australia and filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in the EU. The company claims that the iPhone manufacturer’s conduct is in bad faith and violates Australian consumer laws and various sections of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2021. Epic has also filed similar lawsuits against Google and its mobile app store.

Australian judge Nye Perram on Friday ordered a temporary suspension of the case for three months. He also said that the proceedings will remain frozen in Australia if Epic’s case continues, but Epic retains the right to bring the claim back to Australian courts depending on the outcome of the case in the United States. US Trial Set to Open in California May 3.

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