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Adobe lightroom free download for windows 10 32 bit.


Russian AI developers will be supported by a ruble from the budget
10.04.2021 [15:09],
Gennady Detinich

According to Kommersant, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a draft government decree on the provision of subsidies on a competitive basis to Russian developers of systems based on artificial intelligence. According to market participants, the new mechanism will become more transparent than the allocation of funds through government contracts.

Image source: Alexander Kazakov / Kommersant

According to the project, the winners of the competition will be able to receive up to 3 billion rubles from the budget for the project. The amount will be allocated in the amount of no more than 500 million rubles per year for six years. At the same time, the recipient of the subsidy undertakes to implement the development in an amount more than twice the amount of the received subsidy.

Developers will be required to create competitive niche AICs (hardware and software systems) for AI in such areas as medicine, image and speech recognition, the creation of security systems and other promising areas.

According to preliminary information, about 1.5 billion rubles can be allocated for this program in 2021. The recipient — a company or organization registered in Russia that has existed for at least three years or is included in the list of strategic enterprises or is a subsidiary of such an organization — is also obliged to invest in a subsidized project its own funds in the amount of at least 30% of the project cost.

The source notes that the list of backbone enterprises includes at least 30 companies, including the Avtomatika, Sozvezdiye and Shvabe concerns controlled by Rostec, as well as the microprocessor developer Baikal Electronics, Elvis Scientific and Production Center JSC and Modul «. It is the latter who will mainly benefit from the implementation of the new approach.

It is also expected that the new document will bring more clarity on the issues of developer responsibility. For example, last year the Ministry of Industry and Trade was unable to collect a penalty from Baikal Electronics through the court for delaying the release of the Baikal-M processor. This should be agreed in advance. More details on the Kommersant website.

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