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The studio-developer of games in the Anodyne series has announced a story-driven platformer Sephonie
eighteen.03.2021 [09:25],
Dmitry Rud

The independent studio Analgesic Productions, known for the Anodyne series, has unveiled its new project on Steam — a story-driven platformer called Sephonie.

Sephonie is slated for release between April and September (Q2 and Q3) of this year. While the game is announced for release only on PC. In addition to Steam, the press release also mentions GOG and other, as yet unannounced sites.

As for a possible premiere on consoles, then Analgesic Productions does not look so far at this stage. At the same time, the team hopes to be able to please the owners of consoles «after the PC release».

The events of Sephonie unfold on the island of the same name, where as a result of a shipwreck, a trinity of biologists and part-time main characters — Amy, Inwen and Ryuu.

Users will have to explore the caves of the island and the unknown creatures inhabiting it by solving «puzzle grids». For each creation, the developers have prepared a unique task.

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In addition to scientific discoveries, the heroes of Sephonie will also have to make spiritual. The authors decided not to go into details, but they mentioned that the characters «are being watched by a supernatural creature that exists beyond the bounds of human history.».

In addition, the developers promise platform gameplay with parkour elements, «a deep, emotional story», «a beautiful and varied cave system», as well as a «juicy, melodic and atmospheric soundtrack.».

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