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Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode 1 No Expansion After Yuffie Episode
eighteen.03.2021 [11:17],
Dmitry Rud

Tetsuya Nomura, co-director of the first episode of the Final Fantasy VII remake, told Famitsu about Square Enix’s plans after the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Recall that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is an expanded edition of the game for PS5. In addition to graphic and technical improvements, this version includes an additional episode starring Yuffie Kisaragi.

Along with Yuffie, the heroine’s partner, Sonon, participates in the events of the new chapter. They won’t be allowed to play for him, but, according to Nomura, they will allow him to determine the line of his behavior: independent actions or following commands.

You can switch between Sonon control modes with the L2 button

Nomura added that initially the team did not plan to accompany the PS5 version of the Final Fantasy VII remake with any additional content, but in the end it turned out differently.

Square Enix currently has no intention of creating other extensions for the remake, but Nomura admits the possibility of returning to this idea after the development of the second release is completed.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PS5 helped make the transition to sequel production a lot smoother. Right now, we have a priority on the plan to finish the next game, so if we have to think about downloadable content, it will probably be after [the development of the second episode] is over, «said Nomura.

The first episode of the Final Fantasy VII remake debuted on PS4 in April 2021, and will reach PS5 as part of the Intergrade edition on June 10. PS4 game owners are entitled to a free upgrade, but an additional chapter will have to be purchased separately.

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