Adobe flash player for chrome windows 10 64 bit download.


Adobe flash player for chrome windows 10 64 bit download





Adobe flash player for chrome windows 10 64 bit download.


YouTube will start warning users about platform rules violation in uploaded videos before they are published
eighteen.03.2021 [11:45],
Arthur Khamzin

YouTube video service announced the introduction of a new feature called «Checks» into the platform. It is designed to detect potential copyright infringements and ad integrations even before the videos are published. The support service of the service told about this.

HT Tech

The idea behind the innovation is to warn users in advance about inappropriate content. The system will mark timecodes with potential violations and offer the user possible solutions to problems. The authors will have the opportunity not only to edit videos, but also to challenge the results if they think that the system was wrong.

Verification will take a few minutes. For now, the feature is optional and authors can publish content without review. A YouTube spokesperson noted that passing the audit does not protect against possible user complaints about violations of the platform rules.

In the comments, some users who tested the system said that the check takes longer than indicated. According to one of them, the copyright check followed the specified time, while the monetization study lasted for several hours.

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