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 · Плагин Adobe Flash Player для веб-браузеров операционных систем Windows, macOS и Linux. Предназначен для вывода динамичных приложений, контента и видеоматериаловОперационная система: Windows / Macos / Linux. Adobe Flash Player Windows 10 Chrome free download — Adobe Flash Player for Android , Adobe Flash Player 32 ActiveX control content debugger (for IE), PDF Reader for Windows  · Download Adobe Flash Player and install the latest and the fastest SWF Player to enjoy HD Videos – We earlier told you about adobe flash player beta for developers. Adobe has now made a final release of flash player version of its popular video player to all users. While the beta was primarily a release meant for developers, to test and provide feedback on the new features Ориентировочное время чтения: 2 мин.


Adobe flash player chrome windows 10 download.Adobe Flash Player — Скачать бесплатно. Дополнения и плагины

 · Плагин Adobe Flash Player для веб-браузеров операционных систем Windows, macOS и Linux. Предназначен для вывода динамичных приложений, контента и видеоматериаловОперационная система: Windows / Macos / Linux.  · In the end, the Component Updater, used to download Flash Player, and other plugins on Chrome, is a Google technology and Adobe has no insight into it. Since none of my suggestions have worked, I recommend contacting Google Chrome support.  · Add new flash file: navigate to the webpage with some flashes files — click to icon of extension Flash Player + — select on top menu «Add flash from actual page» — click to blue icon «add» — if you want can change flash name Play saves flashes: click to icon of Flash Player + — select on top menu «My Flash Playlist» — click to blue icon «play» or name of flash (flash opens in fullscreen 3,8/5().
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Introduced Eaton 3SG2 redundant UPS — protecting home and office equipment from overload and sudden shutdown
24.03.2021 [09:05],
Andrey Sozinov

New Eaton 3S Uninterruptible Power Supplies Second Generation (3SG2) Introduced to Eaton Product Range. New items are made according to the backup topology (off-line UPS) and are designed to protect computers and other equipment from power outages and power surges. And now one of the Eaton 3SG2 UPSs can be bought at a special offer with a good discount, which we will discuss below.

Many users have repeatedly faced a power outage, which caused the computer to shut down abruptly and this led to the loss of unsaved files and documents. Still, automatic saving is not always enough, and not everywhere it is. Uninterruptible power supplies help to avoid this, which can provide several minutes of computer operation from a battery, so that the user can save everything and shut down correctly. In addition, UPSs protect the connected equipment from power surges, which can easily damage it. So it is quite justified to use a UPS not only to power computers, but also monitors, TVs, audio and video systems, game consoles, routers to ensure their effective protection.

Eaton’s new 3SG2 series features uninterruptible power supplies from 450 to 850 VA (270 to 510 W). New items can operate from an input voltage from 161 to 284 V with the ability to adjust, and provide a stable voltage of 220, 230 or 240 volts to powered devices, depending on the requirements of the connected devices. By the way, in total, you can connect from six to eight devices to the UPS (depending on the model), half of which will receive both overload protection and the ability to be powered by a battery, and the other — only overload protection.

Replaceable lead-acid batteries are responsible for powering the connected equipment in the absence of mains voltage. Depending on the Eaton 3SG2 UPS model, batteries are capable of providing 6.4 to 8 minutes of autonomy at half the nominal load. This is more than enough to save all documents and projects, and shut down the computer in normal mode. The Eaton 3SG2 will be alerted to the transition between mains and battery operation by LED and audible indicators, so you won’t miss the moment when it’s time to save. There is also an indication of the status of the overvoltage protection system.

Eaton 3SG2 uninterruptible power supplies support automatic battery testing, and if it is worn out, it will inform the user of the need for replacement, which he can carry out on his own. It is possible to continuously recharge the battery even when the UPS is turned off (but connected to the mains). It is also important to note the possibility of a cold start, that is, in the absence of voltage in the network. Due to this, you can, for example, briefly turn on a computer or other electronics in case of urgent need. It can also be very useful to connect a router to the UPS — in the absence of a power outage, it will continue to work and the Internet in your home or office will not disappear anywhere.

For the convenience of users, the Eaton 3SG2 series includes UPSs with two types of connectors for connecting devices — a standard DIN socket (Schuko) and a three-pin IEC connector (socket C13). With the former, 450 VA / 270 W, 550 VA / 330 W, 700 VA / 420 W and 850 VA / 510 W models are available. With the second — only models for 550 VA / 330 W and 700 VA / 420 W. Computer cables included. We add that the UPS also has two USB ports with an output current of 2 A, which allows you to charge mobile devices (on the 700 and 850 VA models).

The status of uninterruptible power supplies can also be monitored through a connected computer (using the USB port). And with the help of the proprietary free software Eaton UPS Companion, the computer can be configured to automatically shutdown correctly, saving all documents and files in the event of a power outage in the network. Eaton UPS Companion can be downloaded from the Eaton website.

When operating from the mains, the noise level of the Eaton 3SG2 power supply does not exceed 25 dBA, that is, it will be practically inaudible against the background of a working computer and other equipment. It is also worth paying attention to the compact dimensions (325-335 × 86 × 140-170 mm) and low weight (from 2.9 to 4.3 kg, depending on the power) make this model universal for placement on the floor or on the wall. In general, the novelty is perfect for use both in a residential area and in the workplace. We also note the presence of protective shutters on the sockets, which will ensure the safe operation of the device.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for the Eaton 3SG2 redundant uninterruptible power supplies. The cost of the least powerful model Eaton 3S450D is 6,400 rubles, and the oldest UPS for 850 VA will cost 8,890 rubles. We also add that Eaton is now holding a promotion in conjunction with the DNS store, within which the Eaton 3S700D uninterruptible power supply can be purchased for only 6,999 rubles — 1,000 rubles less than the regular price.

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