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The final addition to Civilization VI will be available on March 25 and will tell about the Portuguese era of the «Pious Colonizer»eighteen.03.2021 [21:26],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

As it became known this week, 2K will release the final sixth set of add-ons for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on March 25, and now the publisher has shared a video with a story about the innovations and King João III, who ruled Portugal from 1521 to 1556. Owners of the game can purchase it either separately or as part of the New Frontier Pass.

João III received the nicknames «Colonizer» and «Pious»: it was under his leadership that the Inquisition appeared in Portugal. He often used diplomacy and organized profitable marriages, and also significantly expanded the trading networks of Portugal.

Portugal’s unique ability — «Trade House of India» — significantly increases profits from international trade routes, but limits them to coastal cities or ports with a harbor. It also increases the range of movement of trade units on the water and gives them the ability to immediately load aboard and move around the water cells.

João III’s special ability — «Fortified Gates» — increases the view radius of all units and the number of trade routes whenever Portugal meets a new civilization, and opens the borders of all city-states.

Nau is a unique unit in Portugal. It is a naval melee unit that replaces the caravel. Nau immediately gets one free upgrade, is cheaper to maintain than a caravel, and can build two feytories.

Portugal has two structures of its own — a navigation school and a feytoria. The first replaces the university and increases the production of naval units in each city where it is built, and also gives additional science points for every two cells of the coast or lakes in the city and additional points of the great naval commander.

The second can only be built by nau on the coast square of a foreign city next to a bonus or rare resource. These unique Portuguese ports provide additional gold and production through trade routes associated with this city.

Civilization VI is the last part of the famous series, released on PC back in October 2021. The game was ported to the iPad in December 20021, and the launch on Android took place only in August last year. The popular turn-based strategy game is now available on all key platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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