Adobe flash player 10.3 for windows 7 free download.


Adobe flash player 10.3 for windows 7 free download





Adobe flash player 10.3 for windows 7 free download.


Google Chrome 89 introduces support for real-time subtitles
eighteen.03.2021 [14:55],
Arthur Khamzin

Google Officially Adds Real-Time Subtitle Support to Chrome 89. The system recognizes and displays text from any audio and video materials opened in the browser. Writes about this XDA Developers. Previously, it could only be activated via the experimental options menu.

The feature appeared after the release of the latest Chrome update 89. It is powered by machine learning. All subtitles are generated automatically.

The option can be enabled in the browser settings. To do this, go to «Settings», section «Advanced», and then to «Accessibility». After that, you need to switch the slider in the column «Automatic subtitles». The system will download the files necessary for work, after which you can use it. In case of problems, you will need to restart the browser.

The function is currently only available in English. According to XDA Developers verification, the option works great in combination with YouTube, Disney + and the Indian Hotstar service.

Previously, the embedded subtitling system was exclusive to Android smartphones. It was announced in 2021 and has been added to the Pixel, OnePlus 8, OnePlus Nord and Galaxy S20 smartphones.

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