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Return to Rapture is a fan-made mod based on Half-Life: Alyx that combines the worlds of BioShock and Half-Life
eighteen.03.2021 [15:41],
Evgeny Mirkin

Bulgarian modder Wim Buytaert has created a Half-Life: Alyx mod that turns Valve’s game into a VR version of Bioshock called Return to Rapture. It is a full-fledged campaign that combines the worlds of Half-Life and BioShock in one story.

Baytaert released a small modification based on BioShock last October that offered about 30 minutes of gameplay. Then, as the enthusiast told UploadVR, BioShock developers allowed him to use about 200 different materials and resources from the original game, which allowed him to turn the short mod into an eight-chapter campaign.

The modder also hired a professional voice actress to tell the story in which the protagonist of Half-Life: Alyx crashes at the entrance to Rapture.

«The Alliance has located Rapture,» reads the modification description. — Rumor has it that Andrew Ryan’s suitcase has not yet been found. It contains the secrets of ADAM and plasmids. The pursuit of an artifact is not a question of archeology. This is a race against evil. If he is captured by the Alliance, the army of darkness will invade Earth. «.

The modification also contains a new soundtrack, audio diaries and notes, expanding the mythology of the game. In addition, it features BioShock elements such as vending machines and a spawn chamber.

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