Adobe flash player 10.2 free download for windows 7.


Adobe flash player 10.2 free download for windows 7





Adobe flash player 10.2 free download for windows 7.


The number of macOS malware has increased more than 10 times
eighteen.03.2021 [15:56],
Vladimir Fetisov

A recent study by Atlas VPN showed that the number of malware for the macOS platform increased more than 10 times — by 1092% — in 2021. The report says that 56,556 new malware samples were identified in 2021, while their number increased to 674,273 in 2021. Despite significant growth, there is still many times more malware for Windows.

The report notes that from the beginning of observations in 2021 to 2021, researchers have found 219,257 new malware samples for macOS, which is still significantly less than last year. In addition, the average number of malware developed for macOS per year reached 92,570. In 2021, attackers paid a lot of attention to the Apple operating system, creating an average of 1,847 malicious programs per day.

According to the source, the record growth in the number of new malicious programs is facilitated by the fact that their development has become much easier. Currently, hackers do not even need advanced programming skills, since they can buy ready-made malicious code and adapt it to their needs by modifying and turning it into a new sample of malware.

Despite the fact that macOS malware development has reached record levels, hackers are significantly more likely to target users of Windows devices. According to the source, 91.05 million new malware samples were detected for the Microsoft operating system last year. This means that, on average, attackers created 249,452 malicious programs daily. Notably, the number of Windows threats is growing at a slower pace. In 2021, 1.98 million more malware were detected than in 2021, which corresponds to an increase of 2.22%.

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