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Adobe flash player 10.1 download for windows.


Epic Games Store Coming To Chat And Other Social Features
eighteen.03.2021 [20:07],
Evgeny Mirkin

Epic Games Explains How Epic Games Store Communication Will Look In The Future. The developer plans to provide users with the ability to talk with friends from all platforms and other useful features.

In the Epic Games Store app, players will be able to connect to communicate via voice and text chats in groups. Within each will be presented the menu «Active group window» — a special window where you can share with friends (and users with whom you actively interact) bright moments and invite to play with you.

Epic Games Pledges to Tweak the Communication Panel This Month to Improve Its Functionality. Among the innovations:

  • player cards through which you can manage your friendship and view your mutual friends. In the future, it is also planned to give the opportunity to join a group, invite to a new group and change your player card;
  • improved search, the results of which will now show the number of mutual friends. In addition, users will be searched on other platforms;
  • collapsed view of the communication panel, where you can also view notifications;
  • Do Not Disturb feature to avoid receiving notifications.

But the private messaging feature was not popular enough, so Epic Games will remove it. Perhaps it will return in the future if the developer manages to adapt it to communicate with friends.

Finally, Epic Games has promised to present «something new» soon.

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