Adobe flash player 10.1 download for windows 10.


Adobe flash player 10.1 download for windows 10





Adobe flash player 10.1 download for windows 10.


Silent Hill 2 fans report on the progress of the development of an improved version of the game
eighteen.03.2021 [19:43],
Evgeny Mirkin

Silent Hill fans are developing an improved PC version of Silent Hill 2, compatible with modern hardware. A team of enthusiasts released a project update and a video diary, in which they presented numerous changes to the game.

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is still in development. The goal of the fan team is to provide a modern PC version of the game that supports wide format resolutions. In addition, fans are improving the visual aspect and sound of the horror movie, as well as fixing bugs that Konami has missed.

Graphics enhancements include:

  • using a widescreen camera;
  • improved fonts and 2D images;
  • integration of sound, fog and shadows from the PlayStation 2 version;
  • restoration of post-processing effects;
  • improved controller support.

Thanks to this project, PC players will be able to enjoy a better version of Silent Hill 2 than the emulation of the release for PlayStation 2 and the HD remaster that was released a few years ago on consoles. You can find out more about Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition on the project page.

The original Silent Hill 2 was released on PlayStation 2 in 2021 with a subsequent release on Xbox and PC.

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