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British scientist told when the sun will cease to exist
29.01.2021 [02:19],
Vasily Shkodnik

The sun is a star, thanks to which life appeared on Earth and thanks to the fact that it still lives, we also live. Unfortunately, this will not last forever. British scientist Brian Cox named the approximate period after which the Sun will cease to exist.

Image source: Solar Dynamics Observatory

At the moment, our star is in the middle of its life cycle. There have been no special changes with it for 4 billion years, and we can say that at the current time the Sun is relatively stable. Every second, the Sun consumes about 600 million tons of hydrogen, from which the star emits light and heat. According to Brian Cox, a professor at the University of Manchester, in about 5 billion years, the fuel will run out and the sun will go out. Such an event will radically affect terrestrial life, before this radiation emanating from the star will increase the temperature on the planet’s surface, which will make the existence of living organisms impossible. We can already observe the prerequisites for this, as one of the reasons for the global rise in temperature. As a result, the end of our civilization may come within 1 billion years.

Visualization comparing the current size of the Sun and the size in the state of a red giant

In one of the episodes of the Miracles of the Universe program, Cox said that before its finale, the Sun will fill the entire horizon of the Earth, becoming a red giant: “At the end of its life, the Sun will not just disappear when it runs out of fuel, its core will collapse, and that’s it. the heat it generates will cause the outer layers to expand. «.

After the red giant, the sun will become a white dwarf

But the development of the Sun will not stop there, after the stage of the red giant, the star will turn into a white dwarf, which will be less than one millionth of our Earth in size.

However, the head of the NASA project «New Horizons» Alan Stern believes that with the increase of the Sun, distant corners of our solar system, such as Pluto and some planets in the Kuiper belt (this is the region beyond Neptune), can become more or less comfortable for people to stay on them. The fact is that they have quite a lot of glaciers on the surface, which, under the influence of radiation from the Sun, which is in the state of a red giant, will melt and be able to bring water to the surface. In addition, during such a period, the temperature on them can be comparable to the average temperature on Earth at the current moment. However, Stern notes that these places can only be a temporary refuge for people, and not a permanent place to live. Therefore, it is necessary to look for other places for our civilization to live.

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